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Symposium Intent and Overview:
The symposium is designed to provide updates in information concerning Otitis Media. Topics related to diagnosis and prevention along with new research developments will be addressed. Since the last symposium and research conference in 2003, a wealth of new information concerning Otitis Media has emerged. The 9th international symposium on recent advances in Otitis Media will highlight some of the new areas of research including epidemiology, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, diagnosis, screening, treatment and prevention (including developments if new vaccines), and new technology. In addition, the impact of managed care, published guidelines on treatment and management, and topics of resistant bacterial organisms will be covered.


1) Summarize state-of-the-art knowledge regarding Otitis Media

2) Present and analyze new scientific data regarding pathogenic mechanisms, diagnosis, prevention and management of Otitis Media

3) Identify new research opportunities and delineate future research directions and priorities